Mom would masturbate me at bathtime

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A pain I hadn't even felt was suddenly soothed and I sagged back down on her breasts as my essence flowed into her again. Watching her face told me this was something that made her feel very good. He shook his head and grunted. Just my size too. Her eyes opened and I saw something there that was almost scary. He had his two middle fingers curved into me, rocking them in and out while the heel of his palm pressed against my clit, rubbing it around as his fingers caressed the walls of my vagina. And this time I was trying.

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Well, it was one thing to be pleasuring my son but, well, did I really want him rubbing and fingering me?

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What I'm saying is that she was just as surprised at sliding between those sheets to join me as I was. I'd seen it all before, and much closer and in person, and I'd see again that night, or maybe the next. They were long and stiff, which looked different than in the past. My mom's story starts out like a lot of people hope their adult lives will start, with a good marriage to a good man who gave her a good baby - that's me - and they were pretty happy, all things considered. I didn't even think about what I was doing as I climbed back on top of my sleeping mother.

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