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Like, assuming he thought the father would be someone else, he had to know that sleeping with her could result in a pregnancy that would interfere with the timeline of John's birth. I wonder what went wrong. And the laser beams -- oh, the laser beams! Seriously, this is just shoddy police work. I don't know of a hair tool that exists that could create those bangs.

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Could it have been that dude that stood Sarah up in the beginning of the film?

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Fresh from not being able to act in Saved by the BellElizabeth Berkley transfers her unacting skills to play Nomi Malone, a drifter who just wants to make it big as a showgirl in Las Vegas. I had to look away when Ray Winstone and the lovely Hayley Atwell nip off for some celebratory thrustings in a pub toilet. But then they reveal that the Ts can get through, because they have living tissue surrounding all of the artificial stuff. After a millennia of leaden dialogue and zero chemistry between Larry Da Fleck and Ricki LopezRicki and Larry return to his apartment and after some painful exchanges and some kissing, J-Lo leans back on the bed and says one of the worst lines in the history of cinema probably: Now, I love me some Terminator. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Or is there actual leadership, with guys like the Ts serving as the worker bees?

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