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Raven didn't waste anytime and she pulled her blue pajama shorts off as she slid her completely damp panties down her legs she then pulled off her top and bra off as well, making her completely naked. Raven was about halfway to her orgasm when she heard a knock on the door. She pulled off her shorts and moist panties once more as she pulled off her bra and top. She scrolled the mouse over to the first picture and double clicked it, enlarging the picture. While travelling is definitely nice, is also a risky sport, and sluts and hookers tend to carry STDs. Raven then grabbed onto his shoulders as she came down on him and began riding him as hard as she could. Beast boy moaned and screamed as he reached his second orgasm for the night, shooting his white hot seed up into Raven's pussy.

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She then exited her room and made her way to Beast boy's room, it was risky and invading his privacy but Raven thought that this would allow her to add more to her masturbation experience.

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Tag: Parody: Teen Titans

It consisted of chewed bubble gum wrappers from Beast boy, dirty socks from Beast boy, band aids from Beast boy, and even Beast boy's nail clippings, yes his Nail clippings. Beast boy just sat there, with his mouth and eyes wide open. Beast boy followed her though and he knocked on her door. She took the box and placed it onto her purple comforter gently. Raven then quickly made her way into his bathroom and she shut the door delicately. She took a handful of the green locks into her palm and breathed in his wonderful scent, although unfortunately the smell of Beast boy's shampoo had faded months ago.

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