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It just felt so right, so natural. As you can see, my master was very creative in torturing me. I had moved in with him and a few months later we got married with the condition that I become his full time sex slave and contractually agree to relinquish my rights as a human being. I still love your mother, a white woman of pure European stock, bless her soul. I much preferred that he pissed into my water bowl. My face was blood red and my once expressionless face showed distress; I was distraught; I was writhing in pain.

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I have always been intensely attracted to racist white men who treat me like dirt, who have no respect for me.

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Submissive Asian Porn Videos

The whole place made me nauseous. I would never be so subservient to a man of any other race even if he had a lot of money, but I only did it for a white man with money. To be honest, I am a submissive Asian woman and I know I need and crave domination at the hands of strong white men who know what they deserve from a chink slut like me. It was and still is his right to rule and my duty only to obey. Come over to my desk.

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submissive asian wife
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submissive asian wife
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