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I met this gorgeous blonde babe at the gas station, I guess she saw me pumping gas and wanted to see if I could pump her pussy with my meaty hose too! She does her best to fuck my dick like she is trying to literally pump my cum into her pussy. She lifted her dress, pulled her panties aside, squatted in the corner and relieved herself. The view of her bouncing ass was delightful. She mounted herself on top of me, took my cock in her hand and lowered herself right on to it and my cock slided between her lips right deep into her warm, slippery vagina!

After getting such a tasty appetizer, I wanted to see more, and I was willing to pay for it, but she said she had to go pee, and I offered her more cash to watch her go in a corner!

Naked gas station

With every single thrust her went in harder and faster and the whore was smiling like it was the best feeling of her entire life. Pounding this hot blonde after she flashed me her big natural tits. I popped my throbbing member from under my jeans and pushed it through the glory hole!!! She got my message and was happy to hop into the passenger seat. Every time she came, she squirted, and every squirt and orgasm was more powerful than the one before it.

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  1. It bothers me more than it should that I'm pretty sure Misty Stone and Sarah Banks shot a scene on the same set.

  2. You're all idiots, literally at 4:45 they fucked up the editing and the editors saying "remember, this is supposed to be rough sex scene. slapping, choking, hair pulling." and l3ah says "yeah it's supposed to be super rough! you're not gonna hurt me i'm a wrestler remember that"