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Authorities say Manson, cult leader and mastermind behind deaths of Tate and several others, died on Sunday, Nov. The recording is crackling, as though the desert wind is whipping sand across the mic, and in my headphones my father is saying, "Hello, Nick. It has been said that Diane got the nickname "Snake" because of the movements she makes with her hips during sex but she has denied this and said she got her nickname after telling a story to Mary Brunner of relating with a snake slitthering around on hot day keeping cool. We were semi-hardcore stoners and waffling vegetarians, flaky philosophy majors and binge drinkers and, of course, wannabe novelists. There was all this free love.

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Because the counterculture did not have a place for a sexually active year-old.

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Manson Girls

Not that it's all, how'd you say, daisies and sunbeams, or whatever, but it is, pretty much, much of the time. The case played out well before televised court proceedings and tabloid TV. Bugliosi said, "Charlie might dance around, everyone else following, like a train. We have a thread of similarity in our quirkiness, in our sense of humor… We just really laughed a lot. Anything went at the orgies, and if any member was reluctant to do something, Manson would become violent.

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